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VIP Quotes

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  • 05 April 2015

Ιστοσελίδα με χιλιάδες γνωμικά, αποφθέγματα, σοφά λόγια και φράσεις από μεγάλες προσωπικότητες που έχουν μείνει στην ιστορία

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An avatar is an online character that represents a person. For example, games like World of Warcraft and the Sims Online allow players to create custom characters, known as avatars. Players can control their avatars and interact with other players in an online world. An avatar may also refer to the icon and username that a user chooses when registering for a website or online discussion forum. The avatar name and image typically shows up next to any contributions the user makes on the website.

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